You must choose one of the backgrounds for your character from the list below. Was your character born on Earth before the Fall? Or were they raised on a habitat commune? Keep in mind that your background is where you came from, not who you are now. It is the past, whereas your faction represents whom your character is currently aligned with. Your future, of course, is yours to make.

There are a wide variety of background to choose from, though some may be more appropriate than others. Given that you all currently work for the hypercorp Skinthetic, you’ll have to come up with a decent reason why you joined the company if you pick a background that seems to be at odds with the hypercorp mentality. After each description is a list of the most common types of morphs the members of that particular faction most often sleeve into.

You were raised with a social grouping that remained on the move throughout the Sol system. This could have been free traders, pirates, asteroid farmers, scavengers, or just migrant workers. You are used to roaming space travel between habitats and stations.
Common morphs: All, especially Bouncers and Hibernoids

Fall Evacuee
You were born and raised on Earth and evacuated during the horrors of the Fall, leaving your old life (and possibly your friends, family, and loved ones) behind you. You were lucky enough to survive with your body intact and continue to make a life for yourself out in the system.
Common Morphs: Flats and Splicers

You are privileged to have been raised as part of the immortal upper class that rules many inner system habitats and hypercorps. You were pampered with wealth and influence that most people can only dream of.
Common Morphs: Exalts and Sylphs

You were raised as part of a self-exiled grouping on the fringes of the system. Whether raised as part of a religious group, cult, social experiment, anti-tech cell, or a group that just wanted to be isolated, you spent most if not all of your upbringing isolated from other factions.
Common Morphs: All

Lunar Colonist
You experienced your childhood in one of the cramped dome cities or underground stations on Luna, Earth’s moon. You had a ringside seat to the Fall of Earth.
Common Morphs: Flats and Splicers

You were raised in one of the stations on or above Mars, now the most populated planet in the system. Your home town may or may not have survived the Fall.
Common Morphs: Flats, Splicers, and Rusters

Original Space Colonist
You, or your parents, were part of the first “generations” of colonists/workers sent out from Earth to stake a claim in space, so you are familiar with the cramped confines of spaceflight and life aboard older stations and habitats. As a “zero-one G” (zero-gravity, first-gen), you were never part of the elite. People from your background typically have some sort of specialized tech training as vacworkers or habtechs.
Common Morphs: All. Use of exotic morphs is common.

You were born and raised on Earth, but you did not survive the Fall. All that you know is that your body died there, but your backup was transmitted off-world, and you were one of the lucky few to be re-instantiated with a new morph. You may have spent years in dead storage, simulspace, or as an infomorph slave.
Common Morphs: Cases, Infomorphs, and Synths

You were raised in the nomadic and chaotic lifestyle common to Scum barges.
Common Morphs: All, especially Bouncers


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