Below are the various morphs that you are allowed to start with. As you are being sent down to Venus (either by egocasting or sending a beta fork of yourself) these are not your “real” morphs; rather they are the morphs that the Morningstar Constellation has arranged for you to use during your stay on Venus. Think of them as rental cars that you are using while on company business. Although you can choose any morph you desire (and Venus is known for it’s morphological freedoms in comparison to the other habitats of the Planetary Consortium controlled Inner System) keep in mind that certain designs are built for specific purposes, or are associated with certain roles or functions. In other words, it’s not appropriate for a security operative to sleeve into a menton or for an R&D worker to sleeve into a furie. Remember, we want to make a good impression when dealing with the reps from the Morningstar Constellation. The future of our company could depend on pushing this glider biomorph deal through.


Biomorphs are fully biological sleeves (usually equipped with implants), birthed naturally or in an exowomb, and grown to adulthood either naturally or at a slightly accelerated rate.

Splicers are genefixed humans. Their genome has been cleansed of hereditary diseases and optimized for looks and health, but has not otherwise been substantially upgraded. Splicers make up the majority of transhumanity.

Exalt morphs are genetically-enhanced humans, designed to emphasize specific traits. Their genetic code has been tweaked to make them healthier, smarter, and more attractive. Their metabolism is modified to predispose them towards staying fit and athletic for the duration of an extended lifespan.

Mentons are genetically modified to increase cognitive abilities, particularly learning ability, creativity, attentiveness, and memory. Rumors exist of superenhanced mentons with more extreme intelligence mods, but brain-hacking is notoriously difficult, and many attempts to redesign mental faculties result in impaired functioning, instability, or insanity.

Olympians are human upgrades with improved athletic capabilities like endurance, eye-hand coordination, and cardio-vascular functions. Olympians are common among athletes, dancers, freerunners, and soldiers.

Sylph morphs are tailor-made for media icons, elite socialites, XP stars, models, and narcissists. Sylph gene sequences are specifically designed for distinctive good looks. Ethereal and elfin features are common, with slim and lithe bodies. Their metabolism has also been sanitized to eliminate unpleasant bodily odors and their pheromones adjusted for universal appeal.

Furies are combat morphs. These transgenic human upgrades feature genetics tailored for endurance, strength, and reflexes, as well as behavioral modifications for aggressiveness and cunning. To offset tendencies for unruliness and macho behavior patterns, furies feature gene sequences promoting pack mentalities and cooperation, and they tend to be biologically female.

Hibernoids are transgenic-modified humans with heavily-altered sleep patterns and metabolic processes. Hibernoids have a decreased need for sleep, requiring only 1-2 hours a day on average. They also have the ability to trigger a form of voluntary hibernation, effectively stopping their metabolism and need for oxygen. Hibernoids make excellent long-duration space travelers and habtechs, but these morphs are also favored by personal aides and hypercapitalists with non-stop lifestyles.

Neotenics are transhumans modified to retain a childlike form. They are smaller, more agile, inquisitive, and less resource-depleting, making them ideal for habitat living and spacecraft. Some people find neotenic sleeves distasteful, especially when employed in certain media and sex work capacities.

The remade are completely redesigned humans: humans 2.0. Their cardiovascular systems are stronger, the digestive tract has been sanitized and restructured to eliminate flaws, and they have otherwise been optimized for good health, smarts, and longevity with numerous transgenic mods. The remade are popular with the ultimates faction. The remade look close to human, but are different in very noticeable and sometimes eerie ways: taller, lack of hair, slightly larger craniums, wider eyes, smaller noses, smaller teeth, and elongated digits.

Adapted for survival with minimum gear in the not-yet-terraformed Martian environment, these transgenic morphs feature insulated skin for more effective thermoregulation and respiratory system improvements to require less oxygen and filter carbon dioxyde, among other mods.

Neo-avians include ravens, crows, and gray parrots uplifted to human-level intelligence. Their physical sizes are much larger than their non-uplifted cousins (to the size of a human child), with larger heads for their increased brain size. Numerous transgenic modifications have been made to their wings, allowing them to retain limited flight capabilities at 1 g, but giving them a more bat-like physiology so they can bend and fold better, and adding primitive digits for basic tool manipulation. Their toes are also more articulated and now accompanied with an opposable thumb. Neo-avians have adapted well to microgravity environments, and are favored for their small size and reduced resource use.

Neo-hominids are uplifted chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans. All feature enhanced intelligence and bipedal frames.

Venusian Glider
The glider is designed to survive for many hours in Venus’s unbreathable atmosphere. Tall and thin, with long strong, limbs and a lightweight build, this morph also features gliding membranes that allow it to soar through the upper Venusian atmosphere. It can even gain altitude by riding thermals (which it can see using its enhanced vision). Once Venusian terraforming efforts are complete, an upgraded version of this morph will be able to breathe normally.
Note: This is the morph that Skinthetics is looking to upgrade. If you sleeve into this morph, you’ll be expected to praise its ingenuity and craftsmanship while subtly implying that we could do better. Bad-mouthing the product we are trying to get a contract on is not only bad manners, but bad business practice as well.


Pods (from “pod people”) are vat-grown, biological bodies with extremely undeveloped brains that are augmented with an implanted computer and cybernetics system. Though typically run by an AI, pods are socially unfavored in some stations, utilized in slave labor in others, and even illegal in some areas. Because pods underwent accelerated growth in their creation, and were mostly grown as separate parts and then assembled, their biological design includes some shortcuts and limitations, offset with implants and regular maintenance. They lack reproductive capabilities. In many habitats, their legal status is a hotly-contested issue.

Pleasure Pods
Pleasure pods are exactly what they seem; faux humans designed purely for intimate entertainment purposes. Pleasure pods have extra nerve clusters in their erogenous zones, fine motor control over certain muscle groups, enhanced pheromones, sanitized metabolisms, and the genetics for purring. Naturally, they are crafted for good looks and charisma and enhanced in other areas as well. Pleasure pods are capable of switching their sex at will to male, female, hermaphrodite, or neuter.


Synthetic morphs are completely artificial/robotic. They are usually operated by AIs or via remote control, but the lack of available biomorphs after the Fall meant that many infugees resorted to resleeving in robotic shells, which were also cheaper, quicker to manufacture, and more widely available. Nevertheless, synthmorphs are viewed with disdain in many habitats, an option that only the poor and desperate accept to be sleeved in. Synthetic morphs are not without with their advantages, however, and so are commonly used for menial labor, heavy labor, habitat construction, and security services.

Note: While synthetic morphs are not forbidden, as Skinthetic is a biomorph and pod design hypercorp, it would look very odd if one of it’s employees or representatives were to sleeve into an artificial rather than a biological morph. There are exceptions of course, mostly when dealing with toxic environments or materials, or when the lack of biological functions would be beneficial. But generally speaking, it is assumed that all company employee will be sleeved into a Skinthetic-designed biomorph or pod whenever possible.


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