Talks between representatives of the Morningstar Constellation and the high profile biomorph-based hypercorp Skinaethesia have broken down. The two organizations were in the preliminary stages of an agreement to develop an upgraded glider biomorph, but fell apart due to Venus’s lax IP protection laws; Skinaethesia demanded at least several decades of copyright protection on their initial morph design as well as on any and all derivatives of that design (which is considered standard among the Planetary Consortium hypercorps) while the Morningstar Constellation would only guarantee a few years at most (as is common in the Venusian economy). This has created an opportunity that Skinthetic simply can not afford to turn down. Securing a section of the Venusian morph market that promises tremendous growth once the Aerial Terraforming Initiative (ATI) nears completion would give Skinthetic the profits necessary to secure a voice in the Hypercorp Council.

The initial meeting between the Morningstar Constellation and the Skinthetics representative has been very positive. You have now been asked to go down to Venus in an attempt to solidify the partnership, and the future of Skinthetic, as quickly as possible.

Venusian Sunrise

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